Essay: Anxiety and Pain Reducing Effects of Music Interventions

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It is of paramount importance to note that in some instances hospitalized patients need some psychological care as much as they need physical care while undergoing treatment. Music has been in use in the treatment of patients for a very long time s evidenced by archaeologists. In the 1800s, there were soldiers who had been injured during war and Florence Nightingale used music in their treatment. She made the observation that while musical instruments with positive effects on the patients whereas those with no continuous had negative effects (Nilsson, 2008).

It has been observed that music has effects on the brain of the listener and this helps the patient in being positive while receiving treatment.  Music reduces stress in the brain and anxiety and thus reducing the negative effects associated with the sick. A study conducted on patients waiting for operations and those who have already undergone the operation showed that it had a soothing effect. Music that was soothing in nature was chosen and other patients were given the chance to choose their music (Nilsson, 2008).

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