Essay: A Book on How to Increase Communication Skills

Sample Essay

One of the objections that I might face by advocating for the use of this book is that of time to read. It is well understood that many people do not get the time to read over articles but since this book has few pages, it will be very easy for each of the group members to cover. More so, the book is online and this means that any member who does not get enough time to cover the whole book can browse over the major issues, which will consume a very short time. A group member is also able to see the major points, which are bulleted and still understand the major issues discussed in the book without going through the whole work.

This is one of the best books I have come across discussing the issue of communication skills making it possible for each of the group members to improve his communication skills. With this book, each group member will be able to be confident with his or herself.

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