Essay: Data collection method of the report regarding Gen Y

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The data will be collected with questionnaire. This is because questionnaires to be simple and cheap compared to some other methods. Questionnaires will be carried out in a number of ways, these includes telephone and verbal questions that will be asked by a questioner. More so, compilation of data collected in this form is compiled easily, however, the questionnaire is administered by only those who can read. However, is expected that all the target population during the survey will be carried on computer literate Gen Y members (Smedts, et al, 2009).

The sample population will comprise of 400 Gen Y population members who will be selected randomly.  The initial question will be to identify the age of the respondent and if the respondent falls within the Gen Y age gap, the questioner will proceeds with the questionnaire. Upon identification of a willing respondent, s/he will be issued with a questionnaire, which will be filled through the guidance of the questioner.

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