Essay: Quote from the Poem; The World is too Much With Us

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This poem is perhaps one of Wordsworth’s finest expressions of the turmoil and strife he felt within, and that many of us continue to feel till today as we are pulled between the two extremes of the natural world and the world that we have built around us, losing a part of ourselves as we travel from one to the other.When reading this poem, one cannot but feel the raw strength of his emotions – the anger and the anguish afflicting his very being, and the memories and images that he conjures to sooth his troubled spirit.  The world is at once in a state of war and peace – a war within and perhaps the most fragile of peace without.

In the opening octave, “The World Is Too Much with Us,” encapsulates Wordsworth’s growing despair with the world of chimneys and steam engines taking form around him. He is mourning the rise of materialism and people’s growing distance from nature:

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers

Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
(Wordsworth 145, 1-4)

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