Essay: Women and their experience in relation to domestic violence

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In a more shocking revelation, Edwards (2001) sstudied 200 women and their experience in relations to domestic violence and found out that more than 60 percent of these women left because they feared either their children or themselves may be killed by the perpetrator. Additionally, Department of Health (2005) estimate an average of 2 women in a week is killed by ex-partner or a violent partner. As a result, this killing of women comprises of almost 40% of all female homicide victims.

The cost of the domestic violence to UK economy and burden to the English community can not be swayed aside. In this regard, the total cost of domestic violence as estimated by Walby (2004) in terms of money is £23 billion per year. The £23 billion cost every year includes major areas as £3.1 billion state cost, £1.3 billion cost to employers, and £17 billion being cost of human suffering. Moreover, £1,220,247,000 (3% of total NHS budget) accounts the cost of physical healthcare to victims of domestic violence, £1 billion per year as cost to the criminal justice system among others. In addition to cost, £0.25 billion is the cost for the social services; £0.16 billion housing costs, £0.3billion involves cost of civil legal services and cost of domestic homicide is estimated at £1, 097, 330 for each death, thus, giving a total of £112 million per year.

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