Abstract Papers about Information Systems

Abstract Papers about Information Systems
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The title of the article is “As the Internet Turns 40, Future keeps Net Pioneer guessing” written by Sharon Gaudin. It captures how one of the pioneers of the internet Leonard Kleinrock felt when he was part of a team developing the internet, and his comments on the phenomenon it has become now. Almost forty years ago, Leonard Kleinrock was part of a team which enabled two computers to exchange data over a network.

His work required thousands of hours of simulation. Though Kleinrock envisioned that his work would go on to become something big, he did not envision the social aspect of it as well as its dark side-viruses, spam, and attacks. He goes on to say that while he can predict the infrastructure of the future of the internet, he cannot tell what purpose will it be used for.

Things Learned From the Article

The work of the team, Leonard Kleinrock was a part of, was crucial to the invention and progression of the Internet. Forty years ago, Leonard Kleinrock transferred the data between two computers for the first time. It was a feat, and everyone one was excited and nervous at that time. The work involved thousands of hours of simulation. However, today the Internet has become a feat in itself.  It is has become crucial to businesses which use the Internet to communicate their business data back and forth using services like email and websites as well as for homes where it has found a significant social use. People use the Internet to interact with others using Facebook and YouTube (Cerf), reach out and form communities, something that was unthinkable four decades ago (Gaudin). The Internet also has its dark side though with viruses, spam, identity theft and denial of service attacks, threatening one’s presence. Despite this, the Internet is used by almost everyone and has become an addiction for some.

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