Admission Essays

Admission Essays
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College application period is considered to be the most strenuous and stressful time in a student’s educational life. Deciding where to apply, collecting all the documents and keeping track of all the deadlines – it’s not an easy job. But the part where most of the candidates have a problem is the College Admission Essay. Whether it’s the lack of inspiration or a shortage of time, admission essays have troubled young minds for ages.

If you are such a candidate, with no time on your hands and a workload weighing a million tons, we are what you need. By us, I am referring to Super Custom Essays, our company. We are an academic writing service provider but I don’t like calling it that. For you, we are a group of friends who happen to be exceptional writers and are there to help you whenever you need them. You can call us your “writer buddies”.

We have experienced top-of-the-notch writers at our disposal. And when it comes to admission essays, people who have been through this entire college application process themselves and are now known universities will be writing essays for you. Since they have broken the “secret code” themselves several times in the past, they can help you do that too, and hence, secure you a place in the college you’ve dreamt about since forever. Yes, we can turn your dreams into reality. And all you need to do is contact us, give us the name of the college you want to go to, a little information about yourself and within a few days you will have a masterpiece in your email inbox waiting to be sent to your dream college. We wish we could capture the admission officer’s awestruck expression when he reads through your essay, but since we can not do that, we would like to see you jumping around when you get that acceptance letter.

We understand how important these admission essays are for you and we respect that. Every essay that we write for you will reflect your views and no one else’s. That’s what makes us different. We are not like other companies out there trying to rob you off your money. We are here to help students, like you, achieve success – success that they deserve. Offering the best rates in the market, we guarantee you complete satisfaction with our quality of work. And when you do get that acceptance letter, we would like to hear from you and join you in your moment of happiness, as I said earlier, we are you friends not just a company.

A famous quotation says that, “You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future”. And that’s why we are here, to worry about your future while you enjoy the present.


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