Allowing Soldiers to Communicate with Their Loved Ones

Allowing Soldiers to Communicate with Their Loved Ones
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The facility also lacks a cost-effective and reliable mean for soldiers to communicate with their family and loved ones. Though the facility does have telephones, they are limited in number and the soldiers are charge significantly even for a quick call. However, the availability of Internet and the subsequent use of Internet Messaging service and Voice-over-IP services available through the Internet, the soldiers will not only be able to remain in contact with their loved ones but would also allow them to keep themselves updated with the news and information of events that are going on in their area (Evans, Martin & Poatsy, 2007).

Quick Transfer of Information within the Training Facility

The email service which could be made available through the Internet would serve as an efficient and quick way of communication between their colleagues as well as senior officers at the facility. Through the use of email, orders can be issued, passed around and responded to in a very quick manner as electronic mail takes minutes for delivery. This service would also allow soldiers to coordinate their research activities as well as report back on any order that they were assigned. This service can also be used for electronic submission of the documents related to their training (Gralla, 1998).

To Provide Entertainment and Relaxation

The facilities also lack some decent entertainment facilities. The provision of the Internet would allow the soldier a means to entertain themselves and relax after their day is over by listening to online music and watching videos. It would also allow them to follow their favorite personality, band or celebrity by checking fan websites and as well as share any interesting news they find with others (Bryant & Oliver, 2008).

To Make Soldiers Comfortable with Technology

The use of the Internet will also allow the soldiers to become more familiar and accustomed to the use of Information technology and computers. The US Army is already going through a transition phase which would allow it to become more integrated with technology. Hence it is important for a soldier to know how computers and communication work in order for them to exploit the technology to the maximum when put in the battlefield.

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