Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay
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“Mona Lisa”

It is often said that “the past is history and the future is a mystery”; in this case of this particular painting, though, it has made the past a mystery for us. When it comes to Mona Lisa, most questions raised are about the history of this painting. Why was it that such a famous artist decided to paint such a controversial painting, which has left critics in a state of perplexity even in the modern world of technology that seeks to unravel the world’s greatest mysteries?

For many people the Mona Lisa is just the first three-dimensional image to be painted, for others it is simply a portrait of the wife of Francesco Del Giaconda, a wealthy Florentine merchant. Certain investigators conversely claim that her enigmatic smile hides some startling surprises. Dr Leopold Bellak, a psychology professor at New York University, has analyzed her face using the zone system, whereby the left and right sides of the face are studied independently, as are the top and bottom halves. Bellak concludes that her full cheeks suggest sensual indulgence and her weak chin implies a lack of self control – flirtatious enough perhaps to attract the eye of any red blooded male. Perhaps not, for as revealed by Tim Walker in an excellent review of Mona Lisa Mysteries.[1] A pair of American computer artists, Lillian Schwartz and Dr. Bigby, on the other hand, believes that her face yields a different message and claim that is an image of the artist himself! Is it then a self portrait?

The picture was stolen from………


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[1] Mona Lisa Mysteries by  Tim Walker



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