Article Analysis – H1N1 shots to be rolled out faster

Article Analysis – H1N1 shots to be rolled out faster
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This article was recently published on a website concerning health related issues and news. The article affirms a death caused by the deadly virus making people to reconsider their health issues in terms of vaccination against the H1N1 virus.


H1N1 virus or swine flu, as known commonly, has grown to be a threatening virus for people in the west. The death of Evan Frustalgio, a 13 year old hockey player, has persuaded every one situated in the vicinity as well as nationally, to be concerned actively regarding the virus. The virus has caused several deaths nudging people to reconsider their precautions and health safety issues (Mclean & Dale, 2009).

The Toronto Public Health officials announced to vaccinate people before the planned date due to high precautionary reasons.  A reasonable number of doctor’s phone lines were transferred to answering machines stating about the abundance of H1N1 associated calls. The death occurred was rare as stated by the chief medical officer of Ontario Dr. Arlene King, but inoculation against the deadly virus is necessary.

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