Assignment on Labour Union

Assignment on Labour Union
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The most effective approach for this would be making a cross-functional team of between 10 and 20 members involving most of the stakeholders and develop the buy-in needed to make the strategy to work. This strategy will apply the negotiation skills based on collaborative approach utilizing the competencies and skills of various functional heads to understand the problems and issues related to the diversified workforce.

This team will be able to communicate effectively in case of the specific technical or specific problem which can be handled by these members of the team. The team needs to follow AIDA approach while talking and negotiating with the workforce means that the team will first Attract, Interest, create Desire and appeal for Action. This approach will have certain favorable aspects to show to the other party and hence will be very useful in crisis situation pertaining to the labor relations. The labor relations staff, key line managers and members of the union executive board should participate on the joint team. In short, this team should consist of the key individuals who were involved in the development of each side’s internal strategy development.

Responsibilities of worker and role of unions

Unions have a considerable influence on the recompense and work lives of both unionized and non-unionized labors which is justified by the current data on unions’ effect on salaries, fringe profits, total recompense, pay disparity, and workplace defenses.

Collective bargaining and negotiating are a means to employee wellbeing. It has been seen that in the wake of high levels of capitalistic greed and with the growth if the rich and the private multinational corporations it has ignored the workers and their rights.

Firms like Cisco, Wal-Mart and the other retail stores which are labor intensive and fighting against union movement and membership. Little do the workers realize that employers have their own conditions of employment and can coerce employee policies unfavorably .hence, for employee wellbeing unions are a must despite the many union busting activities. Efficiency parameters and exploitation of workers by employers are handled well by unions. Unions are a common face of workers to prevent capitalistic greed.

Wage regulations and working conditions can be effectively done by unions. Wage regulations and employees laws have considerably changed across dimensional cultures. Wage-related issues and negotiations are possible only through Unions. Issues related to dynamic hiring and hiring and promotion process across different employee population possible only through unions.

Unions are a common face to prohibit capitalistic greed. Prevention of exploitation by employers can be effectively redressed by unions. Working conditions and anti-discriminatory practices arbitrated by unions Common face of employees in all employee related issues. Welfare-oriented services to members are discharged unions are needed in the wake of labor-intensive industries.Globalization has made the theory of arbitrage in labor movement possible.

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