Assignment on Market Segmentation

Assignment on Market Segmentation
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Companies having increased growth become successful by recognizing and fulfilling the needs of specific types of consumers for specific types of goods and services and it is to be noted that segmentation is for a special type of customers who have common needs and priorities for special types of goods and services. After identifying the specific segment, marketers design and implement certain types of strategies in order to target them.
Different customers have different need, desires or interests. Due to this practice of customers and variety of different buying practice leads marketers to design specific strategies. Marketers are aware that it is near to impossible to please all types of customers within a market with a sole good or service. Due to which organizations became aware that it is important to diverge from mass marketing and move towards target marketing where a specific group of consumers is focused. The recognition of groups of target consumers is known as segmentation, where consumers are separated into certain groups with common needs and characteristics.

Market Segmentation Analysis

It is important to know that what type of people you are going to serve and target and how to contact them either businesses are going to launch a new business enterprise or operating a present one for a successful business. Performance of market segmentation analysis is the main thing in order to keep in focus your efforts of marketing on the specifically targeted group of customers.

Geographic Segmentation

Sime Darby Healthcare holds and operates the Sime Darby Nursing and Health Science College, Sime Darby Specialist Centre and Sime Darby Medical Centre which are located in the country of Malaysia, specifically Kuala Lumpur situated in Malaysia which indicates that Sime Darby specifically focuses on the city of Kuala Lumpur with dense population. As Sime Darby offers outstanding services to its customers and usually its customers have increased salary, so Sime Darby has segmented their customers in urban regions.

Demographic Segmentation

Demographic segmentation targets its services for specific characteristics of socioeconomic. For example age, gender, ethnic or cultural background. The group of Sime Darby Health Care’s strategies targets women specifically and it is becoming highly common for different reasons. For example, capturing the women patients indicates the enormous majority of decisions of healthcare take for family units and the majority of the female are not satisfied with the ways of receiving care which shows the exclusive characteristic of care to female. For the above reasons, an important opportunity subsists to design services in order to target female patients, and also to specific age group contained by the population of female, that can be able to create a helpful difference in the place of market, get better quality of care, and enhance the satisfaction of the patient. The scope of these opportunities is from development of niche service to the approaches comprehensively that integrate a broad range of programs

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