Assignment on Methods of Training

Assignment on Methods of Training
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On-job training methods include job rotation, up-skilling, job rotation and introductory training as most commonly used methods. The procedure of job information guideline is a step-by-step on-job method that allows concentrating on the expertise development based on the procedural and factual information targets. Another method is the job rotation that means employees are transferred from one job to another one in order to get exposed to different business units and working environments. Job rotation is the first-hand practice in this category as it gives training to the employees with least costs and also results in enhanced influence. The employees placed under job rotation are more flexible, able to communicate, self-inspired and eager to learn. Another method of on-job-training is coaching that means enhancing the skills and knowledge through guidance and instruction. The coach carries out all necessary evaluations such as developing targets, making strategy and supporting through feedback. 


Off-job training means that the employee learns from the surrounding environment rather than formal training process. These include lectures, simulations, and computer-based learning. In case of simulations, the employees are made to understand the methods and situations that arise in their jobs and they are told about the various skills, behaviors and knowledge through which they can deal with the situation. The training method requires effective replication of the work environment. Another method is the lecture method in which employees are educated on a subject or viewpoint through verbal communication. In case of computer-based training, the employer’s use the presentation approach as the method is less costly and less timely. Also, the approach is used as the replacement for classroom oriented training. The learners have more power on the subject material as well as instructional methods. The employees are given off-job training through case study approach also that means that there are an actual or assumed occurrence and sequence of events that the participants have to understand and identify the issues and problems and then give solutions to these. In case of role-playing as the training approach, the employees practice the circumstances in the developed environment so that they can performer the role of others and also engage with each other in understanding the situations.

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