Assignment Sample Policy-making Process

Assignment Sample Policy-making Process
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Policymaking process refers to the action taken by government or decision made by the government in order to maintain the life of a society or to solve the problems faced by the citizens. At the federal level, the public policy is endorsed in order to regulate the business, industry or to protect the citizens living in the home country or abroad. The core aims of policies are to aid the city and state, people and government through various policies by encouraging social goals. The policies are established when the government of country goes through various stages. The policies making is based on five stages that are [1] agenda setting [2] policy formulation [3] policy adoption [4] policy implementation and [5] policy evaluation.

Agenda setting – This is the first step in the policy-making process. This step includes the attention of public towards certain problem or issues. When the policy needs to be created, then the problem must be identified. This stage includes the attention of the government towards certain issues. The agenda stage also includes the identification of solution towards problems.

Policy Formulation – Policy formulation is the second stage and it includes the suggestions of policymakers in bureaucracy and the legislature. It includes various ways and approached through which a problem can be solved. Various strategies are also adopted that can help in addressing the problem and identifying suitable solutions. Furthermore, at this stage contradictory proposal is also designed that are considered further for future benefits.

Policy Adoption – Policy adoption is the third stage in the policy-making process and it includes the adoption of choosing policy through the help of formal rules or legislation. This stage includes executive orders, regulations, rules and court decision that define policy direction.

Policy Implementation –This is the fourth stage and it includes the implementation stage of policy. When the law is passed, then the policy is implemented which is the most critical tool because it includes various factors that can influence the policy. Therefore, the successful policy implementation is based on unitary administrative structure, uniform rules and norms, perfect control, accurate communication, information, coordination and sufficient administrative resources.

Policy Evaluation – Policy evaluation includes the analysis of the implemented policy. It determines that do the policy, which is implemented, is sufficient enough to proceed further or not. Therefore, this stage plays the most important roles because it helps in recognizing those aspects that are resulting in ambiguous situations. Hence, based on this stage the government can revise the policy and make modification in the policy implementation process

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