Avoid Procrastination When Writing Essays

Avoid Procrastination When Writing Essays
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Everyone procrastinates during his/her life time. But it can become a bad habit and contribute to negative consequences. Many students in college procrastinate writing their essays. What happens is that when they are assigned an essay to write they leave it to be completed in the last moment and this in turn results in panic when the deadline comes nearer.

When you write an essay in perplexed state of mind you are likely to make lots of careless mistakes and that in turn can affect your grade very badly contributing to low GPA. The same thing happens every time and students do not learn a lesson from their past follies. They may get determined not to procrastinate again but when the time comes the same thing happens. Now the question is how to really overcome procrastination when writing essays. This is what this article is going to discuss right below.

You Need to Change your Attitude

Change comes from within and you are the best advisor for yourself in such kind of moments. If you do not want to repeat the mistakes you need to be determined and break procrastination habit once and for all. Be determined that the next time you have an essay to write you will avoid procrastination. If you do not have the determination no one can really guide you. Therefore, before moving ahead reading this article be determined to break this habit only than the following tips will help you.

Take Baby Steps

Do not look at your essay as something really huge and lengthy instead break it into smaller achievable portions. Make a plan as to how you will approach your essay. What are the things that are needed to be done initially? Work on your essay daily in an organized manner. Start the process with the most time consuming activity when writing essays. The research work is the most daunting task therefore you can set goals as to how long you can take to complete your research.

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