Bies Theory: Fairness in Interpersonal Treatment

Bies Theory: Fairness in Interpersonal Treatment
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Every individual cares about the way he is being treated by another person. All the reaction is a result of some action taken by some individual in the surrounding. The behavior of individuals also impacts the performance of an individual. If the treatment is fair and unbiased then it would influence the performance in a positive manner while bad treatment and biased attitude cause distress among the suffering individual impacting the performance negatively. In this regard, there are certain rules and code of conduct explained by Bies in his theory in detail. The most important rule in this regard is unbiased and fair treatment from the employer’s end. Honesty must prevail throughout as the culture of the organization and employees must be informed beforehand about all the conditions and policies they must abide while working in the organization. This should be followed as a culture and no false indications must be given to the employees by anyway. None of the step taken by the organization shall harm the trust that their employees have on them.

According to the next rule that is the second rule, the employers are also answerable of their actions to their employees in the similar way the employees are answerable for their actions to the employers. It’s a two way process and a healthy environment can only be developed if both the parties consider themselves equally accountable for their actions and decisions. This is also necessary as an informative employee could handle the situation in a much better way and could view the decisions taken by his employer in a rational manner. Respect and modesty and its importance is explained by the third rule that is presented by Bies. When the employee and employers gives respect to each other it develops a good understanding among them. They starts believing on one another better than before. Finally the last rule highlights that none of the employee shall interfere in the personal lives of one another.  It was also stated that privacy must be maintained as a fundamental rule of the organization as it has been observed that too much interferences causes distress and uneasiness among employees

Distributive, procedural and interactional justice are all monitored by integrative justice hence, it could be stated that integrative justice is the measuring device for organizations. However, there are not much researches conducted on this aspect of justice. Today researchers are examining and assessing this measuring gauge carefully by monitoring the impact of each justice type specifically through different experimental techniques.

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