Book Review: Miami

Book Review: Miami
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The number of books on the history of Miami is staggering when one begins to look them up. However, very few turn out to be concise and capable enough to be considered credible as books on history. Most books on Miami history have chosen to delve in to particular aspects of the history of Miami and upon going through the text of these books, it seems as if though the reader has attempted to deviate from going into the actual history of Miami.

However, there are a few that have done a highly credible job. These include illustrative as well as text-based books. The following paragraph will attempt to review one such book that does a highly credible job of covering the history of Miami and takes the reader in a chronology of Miami along with a highlighting of the facts and events that shaped Miami into what the world sees it as today.

The book under consideration for this particular review is Miami: A Backward Glance by Muriel V. Murrell (Murrell). In this book explores the early history of Miami when change was taking roots in Miami and takes the reader through the numerous developments and deteriorations that have prevailed in Miami with regard to the traits and trends that prevailed across the past.

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