Book Review on Catch-22

Book Review on Catch-22
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Joseph Heller’s novel “Catch-22” isn’t totally effective. It’s also not a really terrific novel. By traditional criteria, it isn’t even a good novel. However, it is without a doubt the oddest novel ever written about the United States Air Force during WWII.

It’s a spectacular performance that will probably anger almost as many readers as it thrills. It’s wildly creative, wonderfully hilarious, and brutally nasty. In any event, it’s one of the year’s most intriguing first novels, and it has the potential to make its author famous.

Mr. Heller is a former student at three universities—New York, Columbia, and Oxford—as well as a former instructor at Pennsylvania State College, where he spent eight years composing “Catch-22.”

Today, he works as a marketing agent for women’s magazines, where he is heavily involved in the circulation battles. He was a combat bombardier in the Twelfth Air Force from 1942 until 1945, stationed on the island of Corsica. That encounter served just as a springboard for this story.

Catch-22 is a raunchy, spiteful, and ferociously humorous novel. Its humor is basically male, in my opinion. It is unlikely that many ladies will appreciate it. Perhaps “enjoy” isn’t the best word to describe anyone’s reaction to Mr. Heller’s inventive creations. It’s possible that relish is a better word. His wild speech and absurd settings can be enjoyed while acknowledging that they represent a fundamental rage and contempt.

The tale by Joseph Heller is a sarcastic criticism of war and mankind, which celebrates war and wages it in a brutal, foolish, and selfish manner. Mr. Heller devised a simple formula to cover so much ground. His hero, Captain Yossarian, an Assyrian bombardier, is well acquainted with many commanders and troops, as well as several Roman prostitutes.

The main plot revolves around Yossarian’s predicaments and disasters at his squadron’s base on the island of Pianosa, as well as his romantic diversion in Rome.

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