Book Review on Pride and Prejudice

Book Review on Pride and Prejudice
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Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel of all time, and I don’t say it lightly! This novel has the best of everything: a fantastic romance, likable characters, humor, and lovely writing. Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman in the 1800s, is the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice.

The Bennet family has five daughters, and in an era when the only thing a woman could do was marry a wealthy man, all of the girls are under pressure to find affluent husbands to ensure the family’s financial security.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, refuses to marry the first man who comes along, preferring to marry for love. She meets Mr. Darcy, a gloomy, quiet, haughty, and immensely wealthy gentleman who first shows no interest in Elizabeth.

He gradually is enamored with her wit and charisma. Elizabeth believes Darcy is the last guy she could ever marry, but as the narrative progresses, she realizes her preconceptions against him are unfounded, and he is a true gentleman who is merely timid.

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