Book Review: The Rise of the Nazis

Book Review: The Rise of the Nazis
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Fischer, Conan. The rise of the Nazis. Oxford Road: Manchester University Press, 2002

The book was chosen in light of the fact that the author Conan Fischer has chosen to adopt a highly comprehensive approach to the early days of the Nazis in his book. A mere glance at the Table of Contents showed that although the approach adopted by the author brought forth a very brief presentation of the book, it was a composition that was thorough with regard to the development of the Nazis nonetheless.

In comparison, a majority of the other books were observed to be ones that centered either on the downfall of the Nazis or upon the mistakes that had led to their downfall.The author has taken on a perspective to the Nazis that is anything but a chronological view of the Third Reich and it is perhaps because of the same reason that he chooses to remind the reader of the same in the very beginning of his book. However, this fact does not keep the author from delving into the very beginning of the Nazis and shedding light upon the cause-and-effect relationships that made Hitler’s acquiring of power inevitable.

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