Capstone Projects for Social Science

Capstone Projects for Social Science
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A capstone project is an ultimate requirement for completing high school. Usually, social science is the area where high school students are required to write capstone projects. Social science can be an interesting field to write a capstone project on. Since some of the topics in the field of social sciences are too broad that students should be careful when selecting a topic. The time period required to submit a capstone project is usually three months. In this span of time students need to prepare a hundred pages long capstone project. It is difficult since it is too long and consists of extensive research work but at the end can be highly rewarding for students since they will be able to recall everything that they have studied so far in the field of social sciences. The purpose of this article is to provide some useful ideas as to write social science capstone projects. Below are some very useful points for you to consider.

Selecting a Topic

This is one of the most complicated steps because it can often confuse students as to what to select as a topic. Some topics on social sciences such as World War II are so broad that it can create difficulties for students. In such a scenario teachers can help students select a narrow topic that can be written more cohesively. In some instances, teachers provide students with a list of topics to choose from. But in that case, students can come across something they do not really like writing on. But it can help students select something that can easily be located on the internet to write a well-researched capstone project.

Conducting Research

One of the common purposes of writing a capstone project is to be able to conduct research in an authentic way. Students can really learn the art of conducting good research when writing capstone projects since they are lengthy and require lot information to be incorporated in the paper. It can help students to be able to hone their research making skills that in turn can help them in their future studies.

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