Case Study Approach to Research

Case Study Approach to Research
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The case study approach follows the qualitative approach to research and is based on a case study of a particular event, entity or phenomenon. The research under case studies is performed extensively on the specific subject of the research and explores a specific occurrence in the related subject of the research and this is why the research carried out with case studies is also called exploratory research. It is important to note that the objective of the case study approach is to provide the researcher with a situation similar to the present situation to provide a recognition and comprehension of the causes and effects of various variables present in the current situation (Jupp 2006).

It is important to note that the case study approach requires extensive attention, enthusiasm, aptitude, vision and creativity of the researcher to make the research valid and authentic. If the researcher lacks in any one of these areas the implemented case study for the research done may prove to be useless even if it presents a huge amount of information to the users of the research study. It should also be considered that the case study approach would not yield desired results if it is implemented in the absence of another research approach. The elements used in a case study approach would have to be verified through other sources and these elements are unique to a single case and may change from time to time and from case to case. The conclusions arrived at through the implementation of a case study approach need to be verified through other sources to increase the validity and reliability of these conclusions. The case study approach helps the research process by providing a specific approach to a certain research hypothesis. The case study not only provides a strong basis for the research work but it can also provide a path of performing research and the elements which have to be studied closely during the research process.

The case study approach to research covers all the major and minor details of a certain situation and the variables in a case are analysed with great care to achieve a better understanding and comprehension of all the elements in the situation or scenario. The researcher in a case study based research can analyse all elements of the case and determine the relationship among these elements and perform an effective research and analyse the causes and effects of all elements and constituents of the case. This detailed analysis of the components and elements of a situation can enable the researcher to put forth an effective conclusion for the research (George and Bennett 2005).

The research performed under the case study approach should be based on factual information rather than speculation. This factual information for the case at hand can be obtained from company records. Once the facts have been obtained they should be analysed closely and efficiently. This analysis would help the researcher to understand the trends and patterns in the current scenario more clearly and would provide a strong basis to perform an effective research and present a valid conclusion. Without the proper facts and analysis of these facts the researcher cannot reach a conclusion and cannot make any recommendations for the research merely based on assumptions and speculation (McNabb 2004).

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