Category: Academic Papers on English

Category: Academic Papers on English

Movie Review on Dead Poets Society
22/05/2021 Academic Papers on English,Other Academic Papers,Sample Academic Papers admin

The film by Peter Weir makes a lot of poetry noise, and there are short excerpts from Tennyson, Herrick, Whitman, and even Vachel Lindsay, as well as a bold journey to the prose that takes us as far as Thoreau’s Walden. However, neither of these authors are learned in a manner that would earn their

Study Guide for “Lord of the Flies”
14/01/2021 Academic Papers on English,Sample Academic Papers admin

The book was written in reaction to another novel published in 1857 by Robert Michael Ballantyne, “The Coral Island.” The circumstances take an exact opposite turn in “Lord of the Flies”. The younger children are the first to note and make fun of a strange “beastie” (Chapter 2) on the island and the older boys.

Main Character of The Great Gatsby
04/01/2021 Academic Papers on English,Sample Academic Papers admin

The novel is much more dynamic than two-person marriages, with the lead Jay Gatsby and his beloved Daisy Buchanan. Who is Jay Gatsby?  This guy portrays a society’s composite picture where everyone can choose attributes to which they can contribute. Gatsby is a man of romance, a dreamer who appreciates grace and empathic. He lives

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Sample Essay The character Feste in one of Shakespeare’s noted novels ‘Twelfth Night’ is undoubtedly and important one and renders the novel incomplete if not there. There are many shades to this character from serious to comic, sensible to witty and all add value to the plot continually throughout the novel.

Essay on Blogging
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Blogging has arrived as the most emerging channel for discussing and recording personal judgments, ideas, and views associated with particular events. Approximately, 900,000 new-fangled articles apiece day is published on the blog. After employing services and products, people blog their responses or comments frequently. On the basis of the report by my Yearbook, eighty-one percent

Most effective ways of communication
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In our daily lives, there are many types of communication modes that we use every day. Our informal channels are those that are within our social network and official and recognized like a company memo. Some forms of communication are initiated from the top and travel all the way down to the bottom, and vice

Essay: Story of the Novel Billy Bud
Image 20/07/2013 Academic Papers on English,Sample Academic Papers bernard

At the end, Claggart accuses Billy falsely to Captain Vere that he together with other impressed seamen are planning an uprising. This accusation surprises Vere who sees Billy as a ship’s asset. All the same, Vere orders Albert, the captain’s hammock boy to bring Billy to the captain’s cabin for summoning.

Essay: Network is an Association of Individuals with Common Interests
Image 20/05/2013 Academic Papers on English,Sample Academic Papers bernard

Nathan also talks about network in his essay. Network can simply be defined as an association of individuals who have got similar interests which is created for the purpose of creating mutual assistance and availing helpful information to each of the members (Emerson, 2000).

Essay: The fantasy story of Alice in Wonderland
Image 29/01/2013 Academic Papers on English,Sample Academic Papers bernard

The fantasy story gives an account of unusual happenings of the life of Alice. She starts by following a rabbit into a hall in which she becomes big, small and later to her normal size only to find herself in the midst of animals, with whom she has to learn how to communicate to. Just

Essay: Formation of Networks is not Good for a Society
Image 31/12/2012 Academic Papers on English,Sample Academic Papers bernard

Formation of networks does not do any good to a society which looks forward to developing. The university has got a duty to try as much as it can to eliminate this issue of networks. Networks often result in a lot of discrimination in the university based on the lines of ethnicity of the various