Category: Academic Papers on Politics

Category: Academic Papers on Politics

What were the causes of the Civil War?
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On April 15, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln called on the governors of the states than not in rebellion to provide 75,000 soldiers to suppress “unlawful combinations” then existing in the South, i.e. the southern states then in secession. The responses of the governors of the Upper South (slave states which had not yet seceded from

Report on The false “Day of Rage” protest
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Day of Rage – A Message by Anonymous The same hype which once took over the United States in August 2014 has emerged. There are rumors of nationwide “Day of Rage” protests which turned out to be absolutely nothing. The August 2014 protest was formed due to the shooting of Michael Brown, who was an

Essay on Roosevelt Campaign
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The Roosevelt campaign was exemplary and full of dynamism and imagination in finding ways to reach the largest possible number of voters, in contrast to the Republican leader, still president Herbert Hoover, terribly worn and hated by the people as consequence of the Great Depression. The elections, held on November 8, 1932, were a resounding

Research paper Voting the President for 1932 US Presidential Elections
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Introduction The presidential election of the United States of America, 1932 were held on 8th November 1932. The leading candidates were the then President Herbert Hoover (Republican Party) and the governor of New York, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic Party). Roosevelt won with a majority of the popular vote.

Assignment Sample Policy-making Process
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Policymaking process refers to the action taken by government or decision made by the government in order to maintain the life of a society or to solve the problems faced by the citizens. At the federal level, the public policy is endorsed in order to regulate the business, industry or to protect the citizens living

Models for Successful Policy-Making
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Rational decision-making model of policymaking The rational decision-making model is based on the systematic process. It includes various steps that help in identifying the problem and making policy through exploring the information. Therefore, based on this model the policy makers used to make successful policies because they analyze the problem through conducting a deep analysis.

National security in modern politics
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Security is the main criteria today in democratic countries and in countries that are ruled by totalitarian regimes. Trillions of dollars are spent each year by every country in the world to protect its interests or in other words be secure from all threats, both internal and external. Security is a fundamental part of survival

Managing Law Enforcing Agencies
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Like other organizations, law enforcement agencies invest a significant amount of time and money in management development. Yet little is known about whether the expected benefits are realized. Because of the time and money invested, it is important for administrators to determine how well such training programs function. Only after the worth of current programs

Managing National Security
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There have been tremendous changes in the manner that the FBI is handling counter-terrorism strategies after 9/11. Prior to 9/11 the FBI usually investigated terrorist’s attacks after the occurrence. The basic reason that there was no wide-ranging database about terrorist organizations was due to the lack of threat perceptions from any source. Advances in technology

Essay: Social Networking is very Important in Bringing Peace
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Social Networking is very important in bringing peace since it connects individuals all over the world with just a click of a button. Thus, campaigns can be started on social networking to encourage people all over the world to support global peace (Robert & Ikeda, 2006). Over the social network, individuals can be taught on