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Category: Other Academic Papers

Essay on Invasive Species
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Invasive Species Introduced species are creatures that have moved to areas where they are not native. In most cases, imported species do not pose a significant threat. They either do not survive or are “essentially nice people” who do not do harm. Invasive species, on the other hand, are not your typical newcomer. Invasive species

Research Paper on Climate Change and Dinosaurs
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By comparing rock strata bearing sauropodomorph fossils to variations in Earth’s magnetic field, scientists were able to track the dinosaurs’ trip from South America to Greenland. Using that timeframe, the researchers discovered that the organisms’ northward march coincided with a large drop in CO2, suggesting that climate-related obstacles had been removed. The sauropodomorphs were a

Essay on Climate Change Disinformation
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Throughout the last four decades, the fossil fuel industry has waged a well-organized and well-funded campaign to discredit the research linking global climate change to human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These misinformation campaigns have caused data to get muddled, called climate scientists’ integrity into question, and cast doubt on the scientific

Essay on Impact of Warming Climate on Winter Tornadoes
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Tornadoes can strike at any time of year, but the months of March through July saw the most violent twisters in the United States. Winter tornadoes, such as the one that killed at least 88 people in Kentucky and four other states starting on December 10, 2021, are rare. However, researchers indicate in a poster

Essay on Electric Vehicles and Climate Change
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Another year of depressing climate news. The Pacific Northwest has been scorched by record-breaking temperatures. California, Oregon, Washington, and nearby states were ravaged by wildfires. Tropical storms in the Pacific Ocean strengthened quickly. In addition, flash floods wreaked havoc in Western Europe and China. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in August that human-caused

Essay on Trojan Asteroid
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Trojan Asteroid Earth is schlepping about the sun with a newly discovered space rock. This is just the second Trojan asteroid identified that belongs to our planet. Trojan asteroids, which also orbit Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune, hang around at two places near a planet where the planet’s and the sun’s gravitational forces are balanced. These

Book Review on The Catcher in the Rye
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The Catcher in the Rye Today marks the 67th anniversary of the publication of J. D. Salinger’s famous novel The Catcher in the Rye, and many still have strong feelings about it. There are a lot of die-hard supporters and a lot of furious detractors. Indeed, only On the Road, probably the most contentious of

Essay on Nazi Germany – the Third Reich
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Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator, envisioned his dictatorship as the historical heir to two great German empires. Hitler wanted to place himself into the greater framework of German and European history by claiming the mantle of the Third Reich for his regime. In his opinion, Hitler’s “thousand-year Reich” would be the inevitable culmination of a

Essay on Did the Vikings Discover America?
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Did the Vikings Discover America To start with, there’s the issue of the term discover’s Eurocentric perspective, which views the contact with the New World through the eyes of men on ships while ignoring the reality that indigenous people had long called it home. In this sense, historians think that Asian hunters found America by

Essay on Were the Nazis Socialists?
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Were the Nazis Socialists? Was it true that the Nazis were socialists? No way, not after 1934, and especially not in any meaningful sense. But, in order to adequately confront this myth, one must first examine the origins of the party. The Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP; German Workers’ Party) was formed in 1919 by Anton Drexler,