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Category: Sample Academic Papers

Great Tips to Avoid Plagiarism
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Plagiarism is considered as one of the most serious academic crimes since when you plagiarise you focus on stealing someone else’s ideas and the main purpose of writing essays and term papers is to learn something on your own. It is useless to write essays and term papers if you solely focus on plagiarising and

Essay: The Case of Solar Energy
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Sample Essay In their paper, Tsoutsos, Frantzeskaki, and Gekas provide several pieces of evidence to back up their support for solar energy. At the start of the paper, they provide statistics of how the use of solar energy can contribute toward improving the socio-economic condition of the region. In the paper, it has been shown

Essay: Disaster Recovery Policy Statement
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Sample Essay The purpose of this policy is to adopt strategies to ensure safe backup and restoration of data, which is stored on company’s server, Fileshare Server and employees’ computers. This includes ELI’s confidential documents, customer and vendor documentations, employee records, project documents as well as data stored on BuildMaster.

Case Study Approach to Research
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The case study approach follows the qualitative approach to research and is based on a case study of a particular event, entity or phenomenon. The research under case studies is performed extensively on the specific subject of the research and explores a specific occurrence in the related subject of the research and this is why

Allowing Soldiers to Communicate with Their Loved Ones
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Sample Essay The facility also lacks a cost-effective and reliable mean for soldiers to communicate with their family and loved ones. Though the facility does have telephones, they are limited in number and the soldiers are charge significantly even for a quick call. However, the availability of Internet and the subsequent use of Internet Messaging

Essay: Albert Bandura’s Theory of Learning
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Sample Essay Bandura’s theory consisted of three parts which were observational learning, intrinsic reinforcement and modeling. Bandura highlighted three basic models of human learning through observations. The first one was a live model, which involved an individual demonstration or acting of a behavior. The second one was a verbal instructional model, which explained learning through

Research Proposal
January 31, 2019 Academic Papers on Education,Sample Academic Papers admin

Title What are Critical Success Factors involved in implementing Change Management ITSM in EWAN IT Company? Abstract In today’s ever-changing business world, organizations often suffer because they lack such policies and procedures which allow them to quickly implement change within the organization in an efficient manner. Change Management allows an organization to introduce changes to

Research Methodology
January 25, 2019 Academic Papers on Education,Sample Academic Papers admin

3.0 Introduction The objective of this chapter is to analyse and interpret the research methods applied to study and evaluate the data collected for research. The concept of research, methods applied to research and explanation of the research method applied is discussed in this chapter. The researcher believes that the case study approach is appropriate

Essay: Aspects of Movie Superman that Attracted the Children
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Sample Essay It was observed that several aspects of the movie gained full attention of the children. Children watched scenes in which Superman was put under distress by the villain, with great interest. They also watched the climax where the villain of the film Lex Luther was beaten by Superman. This observation indicated that children

Essay: Disaster Management and Business Recovery
Image January 10, 2019 Academic Papers on Information Technology,Sample Academic Papers admin

Sample Essay a) Disaster Recovery Process for an IT Data Centre. Every Organization needs contingency plans in order to deal with disasters which could destroy or severely damage the data that it holds in its data center. These disasters can be natural, such as floods, earthquake or tornadoes, or can be man-made, such as sabotage,