When Children Grieve – Reaction to the book

When Children Grieve – Reaction to the book
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A lamented child is a tragic moment for the parents to watch. It an intensely tough incident for teachers, guardians and above all, parents. However, there are a few methods that can assist children and their parents, develop a long lasting strong response to any losses that may have ignited such sadness.

The Book – When Children Grieve

The book “When Children Grieve” is written by the co-authors of the book “The Grief Recovery Handbook” John W. James, Russell Friedman with a psychotherapist Leslie Landon Matthews. The book is a marvelous piece of information for people who suffer from loss including children of all ages and parents as well. The book proposes an ahead of its time volume to liberate children from the bogus perception of not sensing bad and to make them powerful with optimistic & effective procedures to deal with losses.

The books feature a practical, compassionate approach towards the issue and it would be simply unfair if this remarkable script is only read by parents to recently come across the position of parents of a sad and grieved child.

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