Consequences of Essay Plagiarism

Consequences of Essay Plagiarism
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Plagiarism refers to the practice of stealing someone else’s ideas and presenting them as your own. Plagiarism is fast becoming a real nuisance in the academic world and all the authorities concerned with promotion of education are finding ways to terminate this practice.

Even after so much advancement in the technology there are times where there are cases of plagiarism among students when they write their essays. Sometimes plagiarism is intentional where students deliberately steal ideas and present them as their own and sometimes plagiarism is unintentional where students do not intend to plagiarise but due to lack of awareness they are still blamed. The purpose of this article is to provide some useful information of the consequences of plagiarism whether it is intentional or unintentional. Below are some useful points for you to discover.

Expulsion from the Institute

Do not take plagiarism so lightly as it can become the leading factor for your expulsion from an institute. In order to be sure to avoid plagiarism you must be well aware of using different types of writing formats such as the APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian. You have to use one or the other writing format when writing essays. Knowledge of using these formats can save you big time from plagiarism.

Can be blacklisted

Those students who are found guilty of plagiarism are indeed blacklisted and can even find it difficult to get admission in any other institution because of ruined credibility. If expelled from an institute you can have a hard time rebuilding your academic credibility as no other institute can trust you in the first place. Institutes do now want students who are incompetent and use evil tactics for academic progress. Moreover, they do not want to have a bad name in the academic world.

The best way to stay away from plagiarism is to take preventive measures such as using a proper writing format and using anti plagiarism software every time you write essays. You may get away in a short run with plagiarism but in the long run it can really harm you. So why not avoid it completely. If you are facing problems related to plagiarism you can use essay writing services of super custom essay.

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