Data Analysis for Thesis Writing Assignment

Data Analysis for Thesis Writing Assignment
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Data Analysis

The data will be analysed using the Narrative model since this “is the best model if ‘you have used noninvolved qualitative design for your research such as indirect observation or secondary source data (Maylor and Blackmon 2005: 383)”, and using a structured approach, considering that the structured approach is the most indicated method when a project needs to meet a deadline (Maylor and Blackmon 2005).

After analyzing the data acquired, the investigator will need to verify the reliability and validity of the information and through this analysis the results and findings will be developed.

Since a major portion of the research shall be based on secondary research, data collection shall be carried out through the literature review of the study. The literature review shall span a number of former researches and shall attempt to bring them on a uniform platform where they can be perceived through an individual frame of reference. The data shall be collected in the form of key aspects and elements pertaining to the study and shall then be used to develop a clear set of attributes that can assist in the answering of the research questions. These points and attributes shall then be listed down and analyzed closely in the light of the former research studies. By doing so, the research will not only serve to develop a clear comprehension of the role and relevance of the identified aspects but will also be able to cross examine former research studies. The objective, in the process, shall be to acquire an understanding of the current standing of employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction as it exists in the modern day hotel industry.

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