Dissertation: Consumer Buying Behavior

Dissertation: Consumer Buying Behavior
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Consumer buying behavior has a multifaceted trend, which comprises of a bunch of decision-making methods and financial determinants. The present dissertation is focused on researching and analyzing the phenomenon in the present economic recession that has hit the world. As the present catastrophe is by now accepted to be having a prominent outcome on many financial and social aspects of the United Kingdom, the research focuses particularly on illuminating the results the current financial slump has on the buying actions of consumers.

1.2 Overview of the dissertation

The hypothesis of this study is to prove if there is an effect on the buying behavior of students at Durham University due to current economic recession prevailing in the world.  Still, this study is aimed at providing a complete picture of the studies that have been conducted on this consumer behavior.  While most of the research has proved there to be no change in shopping strategies due to recession, there are still adverse effects of the recession on shopping trends.

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