Dissertation on UK Education

Dissertation on UK Education
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The dissertation sought to find out if the international marketing of UK higher education institutions had changed and if these changes could be attributed to globalisation.  The conclusion that was derived from the research pertained to the fact that the international marketing had not changed in the sector on the whole as international marketing was centrally controlled and coordinated via the UK government and the international home office.

However, there were other individual institutions, like the University of Bradford that had taken steps to stand out from the rest of the sector by setting up campuses in source countries.  However, as international marketing is coordinated by the British Council, the author believes that the individual institutions are not motivated or driven to be innovative in this area.  The author came to this conclusion, based on the response to the questionnaire that was sent out where most respondents were not able to provide valid responses, and some referred material to the author which was UK based and not institution based.  This strongly suggests that this remit of international marketing is not coordinated from the many institutions, but by a main body.  Based on some secondary research, the author was also able to observe that marketing functions in individual institutions were directed towards increasing local recruitment and not international

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