E-mail response: Programming Languages

E-mail response: Programming Languages
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From: Abram LaBelle

Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2005 3:25 PM

To: Hugh McBride

Subject: RE: Programming Languages

Dear Mr. McBride,

Thank you very much for you e-mail. It was good to know that you are very interested in exploring various aspects of our information system. Please find the answers to your queries in the following lines, which I am confident, will be very satisfactory to you. I have also tried to avoid the use of technical jargons and terms, as much as possible.

Regarding your question about the significance of the programming language used in information systems such as the one we are offering to you, I would say it is important. There are a number of programming languages available which can be used for this purpose. However, it is important to consider that programming languages also have a number of support tools in them for various tasks they are supposed to do. Furthermore, many languages are meant to be used for specific purposes (like performing calculations) and do not have enough support to be use for other purposes.  The presence of such factors would mean that the use of a programming language which has a lot of supporting tools for handling data and making application easy to use will be much for suitable for developing an information system such as ours. The use of any other language would not only make the process of developing such a system difficult, but it would also be extremely difficult to add or modify functionality of the system due to the lack of support in the programming language. Furthermore, there have been many programming languages as well which were very popular in the past but are now nearly non-existent. Hence, the companies who built their information systems using those languages are facing trouble now because it is very difficult to get hold of a person who can do modification to their systems. Some have even moved on to newer systems, which incurred a huge cost. Hence, I believe that your friend is right in making you think from such a perspective. Another thing that I would like mention here is that design of the application is more important than the selection of programming language. Although they are both interlinked, but it is the design which makes it easier for information system to be modified later on.

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