Most effective ways of communication

Most effective ways of communication
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In our daily lives, there are many types of communication modes that we use every day. Our informal channels are those that are within our social network and official and recognized like a company memo. Some forms of communication are initiated from the top and travel all the way down to the bottom, and vice versa. When people within the same group communicate with each other that is unfettered or unencumbered communication. Sometimes communications are neither oral nor verbal but are demonstrated by gestures or body language, according to the requirements of the situation. Your message must be effective so that the group can work amicably and cordially and achieve the utmost productivity.

The form of conversation that a person would employ in discussing the finer points of some task would be vastly different when the same completed task is presented before the management. Downward conversation is when you address your team, and upward communication would be when you address your manager or director. When addressing any audience, there are several things that must be considered regarding your audience. You must know how much your audience knows about your chosen topic. Certain technical words or terminology would have to be explained if your audience is not as informed as you are about the topic.

The age group of the audience must also be considered, along with their level of education and other qualifications. Well educated people generally grasp a concept more easily than if your audience has very little or no formal education. According to the situation, the topic chosen and other factors the demographic makeup of the group may be important, and in other situations that would not matter at all. In certain even the gender, race and religious origins may have significance. However, attention must be paid to a person’s cultural characteristics, as that may be something that a person or the group could be concerned about or be sensitive about.

The economic status of the group or person being addressed is of paramount importance because this presentation has been arranged in accordance with their financial status and their standard of living. Communication is the ability to share information with a person or group and having that message comprehended as planned. Many viewpoints can get in the way of this reciprocated comprehension. Some of these features cams are body language, attitude, and knowledge of both participants. Even background sounds can be a part of this understanding. Because of this it is essential to guarantee all that can be done to support successful communication

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