Essay: 30 Days Forecast for Dollar and Euro

Essay: 30 Days Forecast for Dollar and Euro
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The short term forecast for dollar and euro is range bound and it is expected that the dollar will trade range bound against the euro in the 30 day period. The current levels of Euro and US indicate that due to impact of financial crisis on both countries their level in the current situation is stable.

The analysis of historical charts and tables of Euro indicate several support and resistance levels and support level for the 30 day period is 1.4445 while the resistance level is 1.4535 and any break beyond this point would cause the prices to reach a level of 1.4620 with ease. The trend analysis indicates that the Euro will achieve a price of 1.4620 in the 30 days period based on the percentage growth and pattern of demand and supply (Forex Razor, 2009).

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