Essay: 60 Days Forecast of US Dollar

Essay: 60 Days Forecast of US Dollar
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The medium term forecast for the Yen is based on a combination of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The technical analysis indicates that the Yen will breach its support levels and register yearly lows in the next 60 days in mid October. Historical data shows that the Yen started at a level of 98.07 in March of this year and touched a peak of 100.74 before starting a decline throughout the year registering lowest levels this month at 90.4.

This indicates both a shirt term and long term decline of the Dollar against the Yen in months and years to come as the Yen will continue its rise against the dollar based on strong technical and fundamental data. The Japanese Yen will achieve a level of 88.7 in the next 60 days based on the historic percentage change and the weak fundamentals of the US economy (Exchange-Rates, 2009).

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