Essay: 90 Days Forecast of US Dollar

Essay: 90 Days Forecast of US Dollar
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The strong underlying fundamentals of a country’s currency have a long term and lasting impact as compared to short term measures to inflate or deflate a currency.  The US economy is relatively weaker as compared to the Japanese economy in several areas especially in the wake of a recession. The effects of the subprime crisis can still be seen in the American economy as housing data, home loans and banking statistics record historic lows. The Yen will continue to build up against the dollar significantly in a long run period due to the these strong fundamentals.

The strong GDP statistics of Japan as compared to a weaker position in the US economy further give a boost to Yen demanding pushing it much further in the months to come. The unemployment rate is a strong economic indicator which registered record levels in recent times which also indicates a weak American economy (Kicklighter, 2009). It is expected based on historic figures and analysis that the Yen will achieve a level of 87.9 in 90 days based on the fundamental analysis and the historical pattern of last 90 days. The historical pattern and trends indicated by the chart given above indicates that the US dollar experiences a rise and fall in similar patterns in the three months period.

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