Essay: ABC Bank ERP Implementation

Essay: ABC Bank ERP Implementation
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The management of the ABC bank did have questions regarding the conversion of the legacy system to the new application based resource system and the manual documentation that would be generated. For this it has already been stated that a system conversion option will be linked to the application based system to upload data from the legacy system into the new system and the data warehouse the manual documentation that would physically be existing would be stored at a storage house after being scanned and copied on to the data warehouse for operational and strategic use.

Though this paper we have been able to identify what are the main issues surrounding the problem of data storage and documentation maintenance by the ABC Bank. We have also been able to determine the current problems related to storage and data integrity as well as the access and the distribution of data in the banking industry around the world. This has provided s with a comprehensive holistic view of the problems that were being faced by the ABC Bank. Therefore by analyzing the current problems and the steps previously taken by the financial institutions to solve these problems w were able to determine a set of alternate solutions for the ABC bank to undertake in order to address its issue of documentation storage.

The case of Deutsche Bank AG and the Jordanian banking industry were depicted and taken up to provide for the measures taken by these specific institutions to control, maintain and store their documentation while automating their business processes and investing in long term growth of the bank as well.

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