Essay: Abraham Lincoln The Great Emancipator

Essay: Abraham Lincoln The Great Emancipator
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Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of America and Arnold was his adviser, Lincoln was glad that war was over and after his term finishes he wanted to go to Illinois with his wife and quietly and pass the rest of their days in peace, he had saved some money that he planned to use for starting a new law office to earn his bread, returning home they prepared to go to the theater and it was announced that the President and his lady would attend. As the audience was amused and full of laughter a gunshot was heard and women started to scream; Booth had shot the president a few feet away from behind, Lincoln was shot in the head and was dying there was panic and chaos all over the city. Arnold writes that after the bullet had pierced the brain and to regain consciousness was not possible and his pulse was becoming weak and Lincoln died at the dawn of fifteenth of April1865.

Arnold had written a perfect biography, he had worked hard for it to make a big impression on the people, he has written the most complete and satisfying account of the President’s life. Arnold gives a clear view of Lincoln’s administration, and Arnold was against slavery and was well known as antislavery congressman and a close friend of Abraham Lincoln, this biography written by Arnold is the best book of knowledge about the President .Arnold had always been loyal to Lincoln helping to enforce his policies and always defending him against criticism from his own fellow colleagues in his party. According to Arnold, Lincoln was called ‘the great emancipator’ he was famous for his antislavery views and actually fought against the expansion of slavery, Lincoln strongly supported the abolition of slavery in the United States by the 13th amendment, in his last speech before his death he advised to include the votes of African Americans because he believed in equality and freedom of all the people. Lincoln spoke to his newly appointed person for a short while before going to the theater; that was to be his last appearance in public for soon the deadly trigger of the assassin took his life and Lincoln was shot during the performance in the theater and breathed his last at dawn;

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