Essay: Causes of Absence of Basic Nutrition

Essay: Causes of Absence of Basic Nutrition
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The absence of basic nutrition is one that often owes its presence and prevalence to the political and social corruption as well as because of discrimination on the basis of race, gender and often social class. Research headed by the United Nations had contributed to the development of the realization that a large majority of the countries has been unable to develop its infrastructure in a manner such that there is an adequate and seamless provision of basic nutrition.In regions where war and similar forms of rampage exist, basic nutrition is almost neglected.

The health departments of organizations are more than often placed in a position where they are designated to deal with one problem or another. As a result of this, there is hardly ever a time when the health sectors can concentrate solely on the assurance of the provision of basic nutrition. Another reason because of which malnutrition prevails as a result of the absence of basic nutrition is the absence of adequate health education (Kracht & Schulz). The responsibility of this education falls upon the shoulders of the Education Sector. The role of the education sector in this regard is one that is quite diverse in the assurance of the provision of basic nutrition. The presence of basic nutrition is not merely a question of provision through the state or through other external sources, it is also the responsibility of an individual to carefully regulate the resources at hand so that none go to waste. In cases where resources to nutrition are lost, it is mostly because the subject individuals of the society are far too uneducated to understand the necessity of careful regulation and respective consumption.

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