Essay: The Absentee Rates at Schools

Essay: The Absentee Rates at Schools
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The absentee rates at schools are observed critically for further investigation. Public health units are active in this matter also. The rate of absenteeism is higher than normal summing up to 10% due to the indications of influenza. Spokespersons for various school boards believe that it is moderately tough to analyze the rate of absenteeism as a result of illness or as a result of fear caused by illness.

One of them also affirmed that student who is likely to have the symptoms of this disease is going to be confiscated until someone reaches for pick up. Teachers at schools are advised to educate children in this regards and insist upon cleanliness and tidiness (Mclean & Dale, 2009).

The virus has hit the state for the second time. People who are ignorant towards this issue should reconsider their attitude and seek medical awareness in order to get themselves and their children vaccinated. The virus is considered to severe since there are no such symptoms prior to fatal results. Dry cough and a sore throat is an ambiguous symptom yet aware people handle it with appropriate measures before it gets too late.

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