Essay: Use and Abuse of Marijuana

Essay: Use and Abuse of Marijuana
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There is no doubt that the use and abuse of Marijuana is a serious matter which must be curtailed before it gets out of control. However, what the federal government refuses to see is that the myths of hazard and the title of criminality which they are associating with the drug is not helping the public realize the true issue behind Marijuana usage. The country of Amsterdam has legalized the usage of not only Marijuana, but several other hard drugs for years without any rise in criminal activity.

In fact by offering individuals with drug problems facilities where they may find relief from their dependence instead of cells where they may be incarcerated them have found better ways to educate and free their populations of the effects of these drugs. It can be clearly seen how the legalization of Marijuana if only for medical purposes can bring the United States some much needed revenue in these dire economic times. If they continue to tout laws and regulations which act against the legalization of this drug the only person they will be continuing to support are the dealers who make their livelihood selling this product to innocent civilians.

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