Essay: Accessing Data and Information from Respondents

Essay: Accessing Data and Information from Respondents
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In this step we discuss how the data sources are accessed and information being received from the respondents. Usually it is critical to access primary data than accessing a secondary data.

For primary data, having said that, the methodology is different and requires surveys, interviews, experiments etc. while secondary information is easily available from internet, books, articles journals etc (Burns, Bush, 5th Ed, p. 32). However, it is totally dependent on researcher’s choice whether to use secondary or primary or the collection of both. In some researches secondary data is a support system for findings thorough primary data. For instance, in another study on formal and informal surveillance and competitiveness of shopping centers in Nordic countries, the researcher used an internet survey which is an example of using both secondary and primary data (ProQuest). It is obvious that the internet survey is complex and requires more efforts towards data collection and access to information is complicated. ABR uses an intensive market survey method for its research which is again a gateway to access the primary information from the selected respondents (Burns, Bush, 5th Ed, p. 73). Research objective is the baseline for selecting either of the two methods which is perhaps the major reason of why researchers select different data sources.

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