Essay: Acquisition of Volvo

Essay: Acquisition of Volvo
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The acquisition of Volvo takes into account the idea of how Geely looks at the auto industry. Initially, Geely started as a diversified business dealing in refrigerators, Owens and other electronic goods. Paving its ways, the success of Geely took it into an automobile industry.

Geely quickly started to excel into the automobile industry and realized what needs to be done in order to stand the competition. It was critical for the company’s chairman to understand the dynamics of the industry and the strategies that can take the company to a global market. Geely realized the importance of technology as a key factor in the business. The chairman of the company believed that Geely has to make its brands technologically equipped. By the passage of time, the automobile industry has evolved and currently sells the concept to its customers instead of cars. Therefore, the motive behind the acquisition of Volvo is to achieve this goal, knowing the fact that Volvo delivers safety, economy, and design that was not present in China before (Russo, Ke, Tse, 2010).

Geely’s acquisition move is however not based on just one factor of technology. Keeping in view the rapidly growing demand for automobiles, there are many factors that can bring opportunities as well as threats for the company. Volvo was a mere character for Ford but meant a lot to cChinawhen connected to Geely. To better understand the strategic background of Volvo’s acquisition, we will use the perspective of porter’s five forces model.

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