Essay: The Acupuncture Study

Essay: The Acupuncture Study
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The acupuncture study attempted to replicate a similar study conducted by Leung et al which considered sample of 300 women in a 21 day program versus another sample of 40 women in a 24 day program. The study offered women the choice of participating in the acupuncture and normal therapy or the normal therapy itself. During the first three treatment cycles the researchers found that 99% of the women who participated favored the acupuncture therapy, a decision was therefore taken to allow women to choose this treatment until the quota was reached, thereafter only the normal program therapy was offered as treatment.

The acupuncture therapy was conducted by acupuncturists from Toronto western hospital. After the treatment was completed the women were asked to complete the Beck Depression Inventory and the Beck Anxiety Inventory. The third test they were asked to participate in was the Reflective activity scale followed by the Drug Taking confidence questionnaire. The test was conducted at the beginning and end of the treatment program, with a follow up at 1 and 3 months. Certain women did not agree to continue the study after the treatment was completed. Thereafter pre and post treatment scores were tabulated (Courbasson, Sorkin & DuUerud, 2007).

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