Essay: The Acupuncture Therapy

Essay: The Acupuncture Therapy
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The methodology of each of the three researches shows the limitations which are inherent in each of the study conducted. All three studies are limited by the personal bias of the researchers involved, as well as the bias and limitations inherent within the testing methods employed. The Johrei study concedes its limitation within its conclusion regarding the relatively small group which was the focus of the study. The relatively low number of individuals who participated in the study, as well as the gender unequal nature of the study provides a questionable outcome.

However, the author’s contention that the study requires further investigation is warranted. In comparison the Drum Therapy study shows the greatest limitation as the personal bias of the counselors and directors of various treatment centers involved must be taken into account. Due to the failure of the pilot study no viable results to the effectiveness of this therapy are provided. The acupuncture study design methodology did not show significant limitations. However, due to the personal bias of the researcher women at the treatment facility were allowed to partake in the acupuncture therapy without giving consideration to a randomized control trail. Additionally, the relatively low number of follow up studies indicates the need for further investigation with proper controls to ensure viability.

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