Essay: Ad-ware and Spy-ware

Essay: Ad-ware and Spy-ware
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This essay discusses ad-ware and spy-ware.

Review of Antivirus Software

Antivirus software are very important for today’s computer system because of the ever present threats of viruses and other malware. I current use Avira Antivirus software to provide protect to my computer. Avira is an award winning software which provides comprehensive protection against a variety of threats. However, I decided to try something different in order to see if a better alternative was available.

The product I chose was Panda Antivirus software.  I always preferred Avira because the best thing about it is, it’s free. Panda costs $39.95 and comes with three licenses, which I believe would be redundant (Panda Security, 2010). I am not a big fan of Avira’s interface because I believe it has a very simple interface, however, Panda is said to have cartoonish interface which is a major drawback for me. One thing that I read in the reviews was the inability of Panda to allow access to other parts of the software, when the scan was running. Avira, however, did allow me to makes changes to configuration during the scan, and to be honest I did not notice this feature until I read about it in reviews. The reviews also highlighted the fact that Panda provided only vague detail on the threat after the scan and did not have any log feature, hence once the threats were detected and removed, there was no way to review the nature of threat again, in order to investigate how these threats got into the system. Avira also has a strong support. It has a good local help file and provide detailed technical discussion of threats and software issues online. However, reviews of Panda Antivirus indicated that it had a weak support as well, which was primarily composed of pre-answered FAQs. All in all, the review that I read of Panda Antivirus did not recommend, which has led me to believe that Panda Antivirus would fell well short of my expectation of better antivirus software (CNET, 2007).

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