Essay: Addiction to Cancer Sticks

Essay: Addiction to Cancer Sticks
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Additionally, the argument related to economic benefits from the tobacco industry is also not difficult to counter. On one side are the thousands of employees and the money they are earning as tobacco producers. On the other side are the millions who are smoking and chewing tobacco and causing irreparable damage to themselves, their loved ones and the people whom they smoke around. And all the time, most of these people want to quit, cursing themselves for their inability to do so, just because they are addicted to these cancer sticks. Besides the physical damage that they are inflicting, they are also being tormented emotionally and psychologically.

Progressive social change can occur only if laws are enacted to enforce this change. Social control has a positive relationship with the law in the case of bans on tobacco products. In 2004, Ireland earned the distinction of becoming the first nation to prohibit tobacco usage in indoor public spots such as restaurants. This caused a “ripple effect” and many countries such as New Zealand, Italy, Scotland and Norway followed suit and banned smoking in all public places (Schmidt).  The level of tobacco usage has decreased due to this legislation and people who do not smoke do not have to suffer in the company of smokers and smoke passively. This shows the coexistence of the two variables that is law and social control in a positive relationship.

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