Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of CLI

Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of CLI
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Despite what its critics say, the use of Command Line Interface (CLI) offers numerous advantages over accessing functionalities of the operating system through Graphical User Interface (GUI). The use of GUI not only makes operating system resource intensive but also tends to abstract the details and various functionalities provided by the operating system hence do not offer complete exploitation of computer resources to the user.

The use of Command Line Interface (CLI) offer solutions to these issues. The absence of graphics makes the use of Command Line Interface (CLI) very light on computer’s resources. It also offers flexibility in the use of computer resources through the use of parameters with commands. Another advantage that Command Line Interface (CLI) offers over access through GUI is the ability to execute task quickly. Operating systems using GUI tend to store application and tools in menus and graphical folder in order to organize them which results in wasted time through unproductive mouse clicks.

Disadvantages of using Command Line Interface (CLI) include its unattractive appearance. CLI are not user-friendly because they require the user to remember a lot of commands. The user has no other way to perform a specified task than typing in the right command and parameters. Although this problem has been eased to some extent through caching all previous commands, it poses an issue as there are a lot of commands to remember (Stephenson 1999).

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