Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Signatures

Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Signatures
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The biggest advantage of using a Digital Signature is that the document or message cannot be altered or tampered with during its transit. Though the document or the message itself is not encrypted, the Digital Signature contains important information about the properties of the document, which if altered in any way would fail the data integrity test.

Furthermore, Digital Signatures are also used to verify the identity of the sender and recipient. The message or document that is transferred over a public network is signed and verified using specific series of numbers which are only known to the sender or receiver.  Hence, digitally signing a document would guarantee the identification of sender as well as help in precisely directing the message to the right entity. Additionally, Digital Signatures also introduce the concept of non-repudiation which means that neither the sender nor the receiver can deny sending or receiving a particular document or message. Furthermore, Digital Signatures can also incorporate automatic date and time stamps, which have a critical role in the business transaction while improving the speed and accuracy of such transactions.

The disadvantages of Digital Signature include security concerns, technological compatibility issues as well as money. Though the use of Digital Signatures is very powerful way to secure and authenticate a message or document, its advantages are hampered by loss or theft of keys and the use of vulnerable storage facilities.  Furthermore, a number of Digital Signature standard exist which are incompatible with each other and there is a strong need for a standard through which these they can interact. Also, the use of Digital Signature required additional money to be spent by the business in order to obtain Digital Signature services. This includes paying for the issuance of a Digital Signature as well as for the software that will be used to generate the Digital Signature (Bennett, 2009)

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