Essay: Advantages of Blastocyst Transfer

Essay: Advantages of Blastocyst Transfer
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Advantages of blastocyst transfer include: 1) the ability to identify embryos with highest developmental potential viability; 2) avoiding the exposure of day 2 or day 3 embryos to the hyper stimulated uterine environment (since the natural environment for early cleavage embryos is in the fallopian tubes) 3) synchronization of embryonic stage with the female tract, which reduces cellular stress on embryo; 4) high implantation rates; 5) an increased ability to undergo cryopreservation; and 6) an increase in overall efficiency of IVF (11).

Even with all their benefits, blastocyst transfers also carry risks (14). One of the main risks with blastocyst transfers is the higher chance of contamination and error. The longer embryos remain outside of an interuterine environment the higher the change of contamination from any foreign substances in a laboratory. There is also a chance of error from an embryologist dealing with the embryos. The safest environment for an embryo will always be the human body. Some other possible risks with blast transfers are: in vitro failure of blastulation, increased monozygosity, reduced embryo quality, and increase in transfer cancellations (14). Prolonged culture of embryos in suboptimal laboratory conditions could compromise their viability.

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